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We offer private catering in your home or event venue and you can also book the Diner for your event. We can only accommodate 10-15 people in the Diner of course, but we can cater for more at your location. Our catering menu is only limited by your imagination (and available ingredients!) and we love fun, culinary challenges!

Private catering with personalized menus to make your event unique!

Personal catering isn’t limited to big events. We are happy to create custom dinners for 2 for your Friday date nights (talk about a date to remember!),  a creative or special theme menu for your dinner party,  birthday celebration, or {insert your event here}.

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Another of our favourite Indian dishes, with a twist. Our traditional butter chicken is tossed with our freshly made house fettuccine noodles for a deliciously different take on this classic dish. Pictured with our house brown bread, Sissiboo Organics microgreens and pickled radish.

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Our Burger Wars entry for 2020! Blueberry BBQ Burger Bombs, filled with confited D’Aubins beef & Moroccan sausage, local blueberries, potatoes and our harissa seasoning. You get 6 of these babies, topped with cheese sauce, sunflower shoots, spicy pickled apples & our blueberry apple BBQ sauce. Burger Wars had to be cancelled but we are serving up our Blueberry BBQ Burger Bombs all year and $1 from every order is donated to the Campaign for Kids.

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One of us has a real sweet tooth so we always have at least one type of dessert pierogi. Pictured are our strawberry cheesecake pierogi- local berries, rich cream cheese, a touch of brown sugar, wrapped in a vanilla dough and then drizzled with a berry reduction and either whipped or ice cream, you pick!