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Online Shopping

We offer a few online products for you to purchase.  If you see something else you’d like to order online, please email us at rockinrogidiner@gmail.com.

Quality cooking and personalized menus.  Eat outside the box.

Listed here are just some of the products we are able to offer online.  We are happy to create custom dinners for 2 for your Friday date nights (talk about a date to remember!), a creative or special theme menu for your dinner party,  birthday celebration, or {insert your event here}.

Click here to visit our online store, or select one of our online products below.


Gift certificates are available in all denominations and for all occasions. Get one for yourself, or give one to a friend. Show someone special that you really care by giving them something unique.


We only sell verified, real raw honey. Unfiltered. Unpasteurized. Unadulterated. From Nova Nectar. Every jar is a gift from the bees to you.